Saturday, February 15, 2014

the run

This morning I made a strange life choice. I woke up and ate a brownie and then decided to cook up an artichoke. After eating the artichoke I had another brownie. It was at this point that I decided to act upon the urge I've been having for a while: it was time to go for a run. 
Now last night I went out to the bar with a few friends of mine. I spent the majority of the night chatting with a buddy of mine about things like my future, how school is going, and all of the regular things that people talk about on friday night at the bar. And I felt myself growing increasingly restless. I ignored the feeling and chalked it up to being tired and wanting to go home. But when I got home I realized how badly I wanted to run. The weather was perfect, a little windy but what do you expect in Wyoming, and I was in the mood to just let my legs take me somewhere.

I knew that this wasn't the greatest idea so I put the feeling aside. But as I stared at my ceiling trying to sleep I realized that this desire was not just literal. The need to run was figurative as well. I suddenly realized that I needed to run away from what I've been doing and from the destination I had previously had in mind. I needed to run away from the commitments and expectations of my life right now. I need to run somewhere new and different, not back to the same place I've been before.

I'm not ready to go home but where do I go from here?
After throwing on some cold weather running gear and lacing up my sneakers I jogged out my door. When I hit the street I let it go and ran. No destination in mind with the only goal of feeling my body work and placing one foot in front of the other I ran my fastest time. Sure I felt slightly nauseated from the choices I had made earlier (brownies and artichokes are not the best pre-run meal) but the feelings of freedom, confidence, and physical ability outweighed the discomfort from my previous decisions.

Perhaps this a good reminder that if I trust myself, place one foot in front of the other, and run away I'll land in the place that i'm meant to. 

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